Last Days…

February 2010


“Our Father”

The Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day here in Las Cruces! The clouds are passing through, and over the weeks, the temperatures are slowly climbing. The “ground hog” in me says, “Winter is over”. It’s great to wake up and sense that Springtime is on the way! Isn’t it nice the way […]

“A Whale’s Tail”

For some reason, God has placed the ocean on my mind this morning… Probably because I grew up by the ocean. As a young boy, I used to climb out on the rocky shore and watch the ocean for hours on end. I never tired of this fascinating sight. I was constantly intrigued by the […]

“The Beehive”

Hello Folks! We made it through the week! That’s no small feat considering that life these days has its challenges, ups and downs, rocky roads, twists and turns, joys and blessings. You name it – life has it! Like the “busy bee” that scurries about, we navigate through our own honeycomb of life, […]

“The Trojan Horse”

It’s incredible how Satan has deceived so many people in the world. The reality is, that many people find their comfort in worldly things — living outside of God – never giving a thought to their spiritual existence. They never consider the impact that Satan is making in their lives. I thought I would share […]

“His Loving Hands”

Well… TGIF ! Thank God I’m Forgiven!!!

You were probably thinking about this acrostic TGIF as “Thank God it’s Friday”. Indeed… it is Friday, but the end of the week doesn’t have much meaning if we don’t have something to look forward to. What is it that you are looking forward to?

I […]

“The Sun Flower”

Good Morning Folks! Well… it’s no surprise that our Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day! Did you look outside to see what the Lord our God has brought this day? As I’m writing this, it’s hard to escape the beautiful start to the morning here in Las Cruces. The sun is beginning […]

“No Road is too long…”

Hello Folks, or as our beloved Pastor says, “Hello Church Family!” The Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day! A perfect day for us to rejoice in, for His grace is upon us, and He gives us all we need. Praise the Lord! I just returned from my week long trip to California. […]

“Pillars of Creation”

Good morning! It’s in my heart this morning to share a few thoughts with you before I head off on my trip to California.

By the way, did you notice that God has blessed us with another beautiful day! Did you see the wonderful cloud formations over the past couple of days? Some […]