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“The Eye of God”

Good morning! The Lord has blessed us with another glorious day! Don’t believe me? Then just take a minute before you start your day, and look outside at this beautiful snow covered scene here in Las Cruces. Isn’t it amazing that each and every snowflake is different — a testimoney to the awesome nature […]

“Gathering from the Four Winds”

Good Morning! God has blessed us with another beautiful day! The “snow-capped” Organ Mountains sure gives us another reminder of God’s Creation. It’s amazing how the snow reveals such an unusual visual contrast that shows just how rugged these moutains really are! How often have we looked upon this sight and taken it for granted? […]

“Armor of God”

Good Morning! God has blessed us with another beautiful day — rain, wind, snow and all — for every day in the Lord is a good day!

I’m driving up to our remote JMSM Observatory this morning to replace some electronic equipment. Yeah… stuff always breaks down :-) The Good News is that Jesus […]