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Instrument Making

Welcome to the wood working part of this web site.  When I was a teenager, I took an apprenticeship to learn how to make classical guitars.  Over the years, I have made a dozen guitars of various types and styles, including classical, flamenco, concert, and 12-string guitars.  I currently have a flamenco guitar in the works, but this project is inactive at the present time.  Just writing this makes me want to setup to finish this guitar project – perhaps I’ll find the time someday soon… 

The guitar image shown below is of a guitar that I made for my wife Carol twenty years ago – given to her as a wedding present.  This instrument was completely made by hand using a wonderful variety of woods – constructed with East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, German Spruce for the top, Honduras Mahogany for the neck, and Bralzian Rosewood for the fingerboard.  Fortunately, I still remember how to play one of Carol’s favorite songs – “Spanish Romance”.

As a special project in 2009, my daughter and I made a “fiddle” together as a kit project.  This mid-sized violin went together fairly quickly and actually sounded fairly nice in the hands of my daughter, in addition to a violin virtuoso that gave it a test drive!  The materials are the classic violin woods, with flamed maple back adn sides, spruce top, and ebony fingerboard.  This was a wonderful father/daughter project that I will never forget.  Thanks Amy for having some fun with Dad…

Classical Guitar — Carol’s Wedding Present


 “The Violin”  Father-Daughter Project

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