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July 2024


“It’s a Beautiful Morning”

Dear Friends – This site was started in 2010. It is a place where I write about my thoughts and experiences, using my astro-photography as a way to share the Glory of God with others. Since God brings such wonderful hope to our lives, it is important to acknowledge Him in all we do. The […]

“Living on the Edge”

“Living on the Edge”

Good Morning! God has blessed us with another beautiful day here in Las Cruces! The sky this morning is a vibrant blue, extending from horizon to horizon, as the warmth of the sun begins to highlight God’s creation. It’s truly […]

“He is Risen”

Good Morning! It’s April 1st… No fooling… The Lord has blessed us with another beautufil day!

Wherever you are at, take a look around and witness the glory that the Lord has brought to you this day – all part of His marvelous design. Take time today to give thanks to God […]

“Focus on Heaven”

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Have you ever wondered what it will be like in Heaven? I’m fairly confident your answer is “YES”. The wonderment that surrounds this question is common among most all of us. For some, this consideration is part of a daily thought process that flows through our mind, reaching into […]

“Calibrating Your Life”

The sky is perfectly clear here in Las Cruces, and it’s clear that the Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day! With the recent storm that passed through Las Cruces, it really helped to clean the air and filter the sky of all its impurities. It’s almost as if God has renewed […]

“Exercising the Soul”

The Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day! Let me ask you, did you wake up thinking, “This is a day that the Lord has made?” I know that sometimes (with one eye open) it’s more like: “Where’s the coffee?” Regardless your morning routine, as part of getting your day off to […]

“The Truth about Wisdom”

The Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day! Take a look around – notice anything special as you awoke this morning? Of Course! You were able to open your eyes and SEE!!!

We take “little things” like our sight for granted – don’t we? That is, until we no longer have our […]

“Our Father”

The Lord has blessed us with another beautiful day here in Las Cruces! The clouds are passing through, and over the weeks, the temperatures are slowly climbing. The “ground hog” in me says, “Winter is over”. It’s great to wake up and sense that Springtime is on the way! Isn’t it nice the way […]

“A Whale’s Tail”

For some reason, God has placed the ocean on my mind this morning… Probably because I grew up by the ocean. As a young boy, I used to climb out on the rocky shore and watch the ocean for hours on end. I never tired of this fascinating sight. I was constantly intrigued by the […]

“The Beehive”

Hello Folks! We made it through the week! That’s no small feat considering that life these days has its challenges, ups and downs, rocky roads, twists and turns, joys and blessings. You name it – life has it! Like the “busy bee” that scurries about, we navigate through our own honeycomb of life, […]